My take on the Grammys 2013

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t win.  I never won this and I have my own eyelash line. Take that, Bon Iver

Katy Perry‘s attempt to console those who did not win the best new artist.


As much as I tried myself, I could not come up with a better quote to sum up the 2013 Grammy Awards held on Sunday night.  Don’t get me wrong, whether it was the never ending clip of a Taylor Swift sing along or a near wardrobe malfunction that got even 2 Chainz attention, the 2013 Grammy’s kept me entertained for nearly the full 3 1/2 hour show.

It was nice to see Jack White show off his full range of talent, leaving six women huddled around a piano to go and get off on  a typical “Jack White-esque” solo.  I also couldn’t help but enjoy the brief clip of Jay-Z struggling to find a comeback to the quick jab from a band who only had to change their name to a more energetic and youthful adjective to actually become more energetic and youthful (Fun).

Sitting in class the next morning, a discussion started about what we had seen the night before. I didn’t offer much input due to a steady string of laughter that had consumed me but I continued to think about the performance as the day went on until I finally came to a conclusion of the whole experience.  One line of my mini note pad, which keeps all the expendable information I consume throughout the day, had summed it up reading “The Grammy’s just showed me how vulnerable the music industry is today.”

Not really knowing what this meant I proceeded with my day.  As I was taking a shower, it all came to me.  I did not know if it was the sad nature of the “have seen better days couple” Rihanna and Chris Brown or the continuously desperate plea of Justin Timberlake  to convince your Mom to stand in line at Target in hopes that she will buy his new single, but somewhere in there I found a place that I wanted nothing to do with.  

It seemed as though the music industry has turned into something that resembles  passive aggressive quarrels I witness regularly between various friends, roommates, friends roommates, etc…  Since when did making a great album (For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver) become the butt of the joke for a very unentertaining entertainers eyelash line?  (And yes I have seen Katy Perry live, I  wrote my phone number on a piece of folded paper into an airplane and threw it at her as she was signing autographs.)

Anyway,  If I were to give any advice to the music industry of the 21st century it would be to do what ever you can to make the best music possible, and focus on the MUSIC.  The days of using music to capitalize in the entertainment industry, I believe will only become more and more difficult with the age of increasing internet access to the masses.  

As this being my final goodbye to the mainstream music industry,  I find it fitting to allow Katy Perry to fill the void I leave with whatever line of accessory she deems suitable to boost her self confidence when I am gone.